Counseling Services

Catholic Charities is an organization working in partnership with the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston providing counseling services, free of charge to the students of St. Mary of the Purification. Ms. Santos, is the counselor who has been assigned to our campus.

School Counseling Program

Catholic Charities School Counseling Program connects you to fully qualified licensed professional counselors who are there to serve you and your children free of charge.

How School Counselors Help:

  • Counseling to both students and families
  • Educational presentations to students and parents
  • Group counseling services to students at school
  • Training to school staff
  • Find resources in the community


Counselors Aim to Help Children:

  • Have a positive school experience
  • Develop healthy relationships and social skills
  • Develop healthy coping skills for their every day issues such as divorce, separation, loss, or any other changes that might impact their every day functioning
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, worry
  • Improve communications and self-esteem
  • Manage changes and transitions


Counselors Aim to Help Parents:

  • Talk effectively with their children
  • Reduce conflict and tension at home
  • Learn about child development
  • Find resources in the community

Wednesday and Friday at St. Mary’s 7:30 – 3:30

Catholic Charities School Counseling Program Website

Where Can I turn in the Consent Form?

The Counseling box is located in the main office.

Who can refer students?

Teachers, Principal, Parents and Students